I lost my previous Daily Salvation post to the ravages of time and the failure to update credit card information for my autopay, I’m guessing. WordPress has changed a lot since then, so I’m learning as I go how to do anything. But I’m going, and learning, and I’m excited to resume my musings as a less-private citizen than I was when I started this way back when, as an outgrowth of my CaringBridge page where I developed a little group of followers who urged me to keep writing.

I’m a minister now, for real, which I wasn’t when I started. My kids have launched. My mother has died and I had the amazing privilege of officiating for my father’s second wedding when he was 86; it had never occurred to me that I was still a candidate for a stepmother and step siblings in my later 50s, but I was and it’s a great gift.

And we’re living through a pandemic. Seems like if I’m going to write about anything, I probably ought to have something to say about that!

I write best when I’m writing letters to people, so this blog will be better if you comment and it becomes a conversation. Ask questions. Wonder with me. Here we go!

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